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Project 2025 Recruiting From Alex Jones And Glenn Beck

You're probably aware by now of the casual coup attempt the Republican party plans to enact called Project 2025. The projects primary component is the elimination of administrative jobs within the state and the empowerment of the executive branch in the form of the the next Republican president. They want to fire 50,000 bureaucratic federal workers and replace them with Republican loyalists. This means members of the Pentagon, FBI, CIA, IRS, SEC, EPA, and every three letter agency or department you can think of. They're going after the internal organs of the government, not just the elected representatives. “We need to flood the zone with conservatives,” said Paul Dans, director of the 2025 Presidential Transition Project and a former Trump administration official.

Within the first 180 days of the next Republican presidency, a rule called Schedule F will be reinstated which reclassifies tens of thousands of Federal employees as at-will workers who can be easily fired. If the entire administrative state is gutted and replaced by loyalists the president will effectively have the military and all federal bodies under his control, granting them a monopoly on violence and unprecedented power. They've been travelling across the U.S. finding theocratic fanatics and opportunists alike who fit the values they wish to impose and are willing to take any government position they need filled. “This is a clarion call to come to Washington,” Paul Dans reaffirmed. “People need to lay down their tools, and step aside from their professional life and say, ‘This is my lifetime moment to serve.’ They’re building out a database of potential employees, inviting them to be trained in government operations.

But who are the Heritage Foundation who are conducting this widespread fascist government sweep? The Heritage Foundation is a right wing think tank which directly writes policy for Republican legislators and officials. It is largely funded by the Koch Foundation which is a prominent oil company and funder of a widespread number of rightwing media figures, think tanks, and LLCs. However, project 2025 might be their biggest attempt at overhauling democracy yet. The Heritage Foundation is seeking to close the divide between the conspiracy theorist fringe right wing beliefs and the more business oriented free market capitalist wings of the Republican party. Who better to turn to when talking to the fanatics than Alex Jones and Glenn Beck?

Peter St Onge is a researcher at the Heritage Foundation who appeared on Alex Jones' Infowars network last Thursday for a one hour interview. Onge fawned over Jones saying, “Alex, I’ve of course been a fan for many, many years, I saw you speak in San Antonio about eight years ago and still remember that.” Onge didn't take long to jump into the conspiracy theories and claimed that the DOJ had criminalized parents protesting school board meetings and labelled them domestic terrorists. What's shocking isn't the all-too-familiar rhetoric. What's shocking is the realization that the Heritage Foundation's plan is to flood the government with the audience members of Alex Jones. Alex Jones' fanbase is famous for harassing the parents of the dead sandy hook students and claiming the deaths were a hoax. Alex Jones' fanbase who listens religiously to a man rant about how the globalist new world order is led by the Christian devil himself. These are the minds that Paul Dans and the Heritage Foundation want to "flood the zone" with. This is the sewage that will replace the drained swamp.

Jones isn't a one off low point for their recruitment pool. The Heritage Foundation's president Kevin Roberts made an appearance on Glenn Beck's radio show to hand out his verbal fliers at the town square of lunatics. Beck began by asking his guest about their plans to shut down the Department of Education. Roberts responded emphatically with:

"Oh, we're not just talking about it. We have the plan. In fact, literally sitting on my desk is the draft of that plan. And I'll be doing -- reading through that today. And so, let me be really, really blunt. We will eliminate the Department of Education piece by piece, block by block. It has to be part of the next administration in the first term. We also, as I know is a big interest of yours, going to up end the Department of Justice. And our plan for the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to select-all delete and start from scratch."

He also confirmed a final fact that was only likely speculation until now:

"We're two years ahead. And so, the very reason that we're issuing this plan or parts of the plan in April of this year is precisely so that two things can happen. Number one, Americans, everyday Americans can be part of this and talking about it, asking people who want to be their elected officials about it. But secondly, to the heart of your question, when we start having debates among the Republican presidential aspirants, they're talking about that plan. It -- the plan becomes the very reason that we, as Republicans, will nominate someone."

It doesn't matter if its Donald Trump or Nikki Haley. Vivek Ramaswamy or Tim Scott. A Republican can never be president again or the Project 2025 plan will be enacted. Donald Trump is not some unique evil and this election is not the most important election of your life time. Every election going forward will be as well.


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