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The Media Quietly Wants A Trump Win In 2024

Many Americans associate the Trump presidency with vivid memories of fear, anxiety, and disgust. Uncertainty every day, not knowing what 3 AM tweet may have started a new cycle of news. Waking up to Trump having killed Iraq's Suleimani on January 2nd and #WorldWar3 trending on Twitter. That anxiety was spurned by the abundant utters of the media. The difference between ratings in 2015 and 2016 was astounding. Fox had a 68% improvement in viewership between 2015 and 2016. CNN improved by 128% and MSNBC by 98%. Each of these businesses are businesses at the end of the day. They exist to make money and what they create is incidental. So when the Washington Post and ABC news released a poll showing Joe Biden trailing his predecessor Donald Trump in the polls, it should be taken as a sign of the perception the media wants to project.

The poll in question shows Biden trailing Trump by 10 points. Although Biden and Trump are near neck and neck in the polls, painting a picture of Biden being behind Trump could easily influence undecided voters or those who generally don't vote by giving them a false impression of America's satisfaction levels. That, in turn, can make people believe Biden is a worse president or that Trump is a good one. The poll was called out by numerous individuals as an outlier and misrepresentation of the average polling data. However, ABC and the Washington Post initially pushed the results as completely legitimate.

Joe Biden has surprisingly been a president who supports unions and has committed to policies that have been progressive for the American people. Biden showed up as the first president to join a picket line yesterday at the United Auto Workers strike. The promotion of these ideas from the executive branch is transgressive in corporate America and can spread like poison. The writers strike began on May 2nd and the UAW strike began on September 15th. These are two large strikes which have gotten more attention than almost any strike in the last two decades. This progress could be halted by the wrecking ball of Trump and executives of all flavors would rather a Trump presidency than a union.

In reference to Trump's popularity in 2016 the CEO of CBS said, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS... I’ve never seen anything like this, and this going to be a very good year for us. Sorry. It’s a terrible thing to say. But, bring it on, Donald. Keep going,” He further went on to state that ad sales are strong but there's not a lot of places beyond The Big Bang Theory where advertisers can reach 20 million people at once. In the end, the leadership of these conglomerates are out to sell ads. That is how the revenue is made, that is how their bonuses get paid and their shares sky rocket. Washington Post and ABC are taking this back to its first principles.

CNN has also grown a far more rightward bend in its leadership as a result of its acquisition by billionaire John Malone who openly stated that he wants to rid the channel of liberal bias and shift it towards a more centrist point of view, translating into greater sympathy for right wing ideas. Upon acquiring CNN, he praised Fox News saying, "Fox News, in my opinion, has followed an interesting trajectory of trying to have ‘news’ news, I mean some actual journalism, embedded in a program schedule of all opinions.” Which he compared to the stale taste of CNN. Malone donated $250 000 to the Trump's 2017 inaugural committee. As 2024 rounds the corner and the election year kicks off, these attempts by the media to push the pro-Trump point of view will grow more and more blatant, couching itself as presenting a general dissatisfaction with Biden.


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