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Survival Guides
For Educational Purposes Only

3D Printing Defenses & Offences

3D Printers are relatively affordable pieces of technology that let you bring modern manufacturing to your home. In a survival situation it has near limitless potential.

Cyber Offense & Defense

The internet and its connectivity provides means of covert communication with your allies and intelligence operations on your enemies. This comprehensive guide will teach you the ins and outs from beginner to advanced.

Practical Electrical, Mechanical, and Construction Knowledge

Electricity, heating, cooling, transportation, lighting, cooking, life. We all need to know the necessary trades of survival. This will be your guide. 

Hydro & Aquaponic Farming

Farming can be done in compact spaces. This guide will teach hydroponic, aquaponic, and regular farming principles for you to get started with self sufficiency.

Community Building, Support Systems, And Decision Making

In a survival scenario, community is a human necessity. A community which can get cooperate and work as a team towards a common goal. This will help you build, grow, and maintain a strong bond with your fellow survivors. 

Psychology & Survival

In the bleak hot climate of desperation, the mind will be your greatest ally or greatest enemy. Not just yours, but the minds of others as well. Here's what you need to know.

Necessary Chemistry

Chemicals make the world go round. Not understanding chemistry will put you back in the stone age. 

Putting It All Together

What is this all for? Why will you have to survive anytime soon? What great set of crises are upon us? 

First Aid & Medicine

Keeping people alive is the whole point of survival. Learn the fundamentals.

Guerilla & Asymmetric Warfare 

How do you wage war against an enemy who has an advantage? How do you wage war at all? 

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