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Victims Of Republicans: August 2023

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Laura Ann Carleton:

Laura Ann Carleton was murdered in cold blood over a pride flag she displayed outside of her California store. Carleton, her husband, and nine children ran a clothing store in Southern California for years. Although Carleton wasn't a member of the LGBTQ community, she was a prominent ally who worked with The Lake Arrowhead LGBTQ organization as an advocate. She also worked with worker co-op Mountain Provisions Cooperative to help provide food after a blizzard hit her area. She was a loving and cherished member of her community. Her death at the hands of a far right lunatic will remain a permanent tragedy of this rising climate of hate. Her killer, Travis Ikeguchi, made several disparaging remarks about the rainbow flag outside of her store, and hurled homophobic slurs at her. Then he paused in the moment, considering what to do, before shooting Carleton and fleeing the scene. Carleton was a victim of circumstance at the hands of a monster fed lies by the right wing media. She will be missed by her loved ones and community.

Anolt Joseph “AJ” Laguerre Jr., Jerrald Gallion, and Angela Michelle Carr:

When recently deceased 21 year old white supremacist Christopher Palmer failed to shoot up the historically black Edward Waters University, he turned his sights to a nearby Dollar General store in Jacksonville, Florida. Palmer approached the Dollar General store, firing at a black Kia and killing Angela Michelle Carr. He continued inside as the inhabitants began fleeing out the back exit. He entered and killed Anolt Joseph “AJ” Laguerre Jr. before following the fleeing victims and firing on Jerrald Gallion and his girlfriend. Gallion's girlfriend managed to escape but Gallion, Laguerre Jr., and Carr were all tragic victims of a mans impotent rage at his perceived "superiority." This marks another tragic mass shooting taken against the black community, reminiscent of the Buffalo shooter in 2022. These are victims of white supremacist and Nazi ideology which permeates the soft white underbelly that empowers the MAGA movement.

Maui Wildfire:

On August 8th one of the deadliest wildfires in American history ripped through Maui destroying 2207 structures, and burning through 2170 acres of forestry. The current death toll is 93 but there are number of people missing is estimated to be as high as 1000. This toll of destruction has surpassed the Paradise Camp wildfire in 2018 which killed 85 in California. Each massive wildfire occurring within the last 5 years. The rising global temperature due to CO2 trapped in the atmosphere from industrial scale fossil fuels burning has caused previously more temperature or moist climates to dry out according to Ryan Ness the director at the Canadian Climate Institute. Dry weather and a little lightning striking the right leaf can result in the destruction we're seeing now in Maui. Both Hawaii and Canada are experiencing their worst wildfire seasons of the 21st century and things are expected to get worse as we close in on 2050.

The Republican plan in 2024 is simple. They promise to burn down American cities and impoverish their people. By the end of their term, cities across the US in scorching climates from Texas to Florida. From Arizona to Nevada. They will all be on the trajectory to complete desolation. Absolute destruction in the purifying flame of mother nature. The Republican Project 2025 environmental plan is the conservative establishments death knell for Americans. They want to put in the pot and let it boil. They're going to gut the Inflation Reduction Act which offers $370 billion for wind, solar, nuclear, green hydrogen, and electric vehicle technology with large new investments taking place in Republican run states. They're going to shut down the Department of Energy loan of $400 million to help any emerging new green technologies. Their oil donors can't afford competition. Not when they're trying to end the world. They will strike climate change as an issue of discussion on the National Security Council which rightly views the effects of climate change as a threat to national security. And finally, with absolute remorselessness reverse the 2009 scientific finding from the Environmental Protection Agency which states carbon dioxide emissions are a danger to public health. This of course will happen as they open up drilling in the Arctic wilderness. These are their stated goals in the Project 2025 environmental plan. This is the Republican dream. The dead and missing in Maui isn't even enough to make them second guess.


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