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The Republican Heat Death-Toll Rises

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Heat deaths in western states are escalating to unseen levels with because of our record high summers. How could this be? Its the beginning of August and scorching heat joins the pollen is in the air. In Arizona, California, and Nevada the rate of heat related hospitalizations is up 51% higher than rates in 2018. In Texas and Louisiana hospitalizations are up 37%. The trend is clear, these increasingly hotter summers are disasters to outdoor laborer's, the elderly, those with health issues, those who can't afford health care, and most direly those who cannot afford homes and air conditioning.

This trend will only get worse as time goes on. Man made CO2 trapped in the atmosphere is preventing heat from escaping. Each summer will continue becoming hotter until emissions cease. So what is being done about it? The Republican Party has recently announced project 2025 a comprehensive end zone dance for when they drag their bloated husk of a candidate across the 2024 victory line. Project 2025 was hatched by the Heritage Foundation, a Koch Industries funded right wing think tank that does the bidding of oil billionaires. The plan consists of gutting the Environmental Protection Agency of funding and positions, Using the Bureau of Land Management to strip drilling regulations, and putting officials in charge of US Department of Energy who will dissolve crucial positions within the organization and allow the expansion of gas infrastructure.

The Heritage Foundation's president Kevin Robert's backs up these pledges with a cynical justification that should be framed on the hospital night stands of each victim of heat death: “Heritage is convening the conservative movement behind the policies to ensure that the next president has the right policy and personnel necessary to dismantle the administrative state and restore self-governance to the American people."

Republican's and all right wing politicians globally who consistently aim to subsidize oil & gas while deregulating all protections on emissions are the profiteers of these deaths. A vote for the Republican's is a vote to add a higher number to the over 1500 heat related deaths that have occurred in 2023 and the even greater death toll coming in 2024.


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