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The Conservative Defense For Terrorism

An elderly fascist was gunned down by the FBI last night in a rare display of right-on-right violence. Craig Robertson, an ambitious online poster, was raided last night due to his increasingly unhinged threats against the president, Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg, attorney general Merrick Garland, and New York attorney general Letitia James. He excitedly told the internet that when Biden comes to Utah he would put on a camouflage suit and "clean the dust off the old m24 sniper rifle." He took his delusional fantasies out on the internet again with a follow up post stating: "In my dream, I see Joe Biden's body in a dark corner of a DC parking garage with his head severed and lying in a huge puddle of blood. Hurrah." He couldn't hold the excitement in stating in another post back in September 2022: “The time is right for a presidential assassination or two. First Joe then Kamala!!!”

Like a kid on Christmas, his anticipation didn't slow down and his excitement was palpable. He took to the internet once again stating in October 2022: “Merrick Garland, the Demented Weasel, I am 100% anti-abortion. Why are your FBI cowards not kicking in my door? Know this ‘they will die.’”

Imagine what would've happened if he was smart enough to keep it to himself.

Luckily he wasn't. His compounding of threats forced the Secret Service and FBI to take action. Special agents showed up to his house serving him a warrant on the morning of August 9th. An alleged interference occurred causing the FBI to shoot to kill at 6:15 AM.

It doesn't take much to find people making threats against the presidents life. Just go on and take a peak at the brave souls with meme based profile pictures gleefully looking to destroy anyone left of Donald Trump. The MAGA movement should have replaced Islamic terrorism years ago as the biggest threat to the average American. Only recently have institutions come around to acknowledging this fact. However, an alarming new normal has creeped into the online spaces related to mass violence. In years past, the MAGA voters and spokesman would denounce or deny those in their movement who committed acts of violence. They were trigger happy to claim someone was a leftist or deep state plant. Naturally this was a cynical ploy the keep the optics of their movement clean. They denounce controversial figures like Nick Fuentes who advocate for more outright Nazi ideology. They used to claim that January 6th was an antifa operation to make the president look bad. But they have bucked this trend in recent shootings, starting to now throw their full weight behind the terrorists at hand.

Famously, Candace Owens began the trend of calling George Floyd's death a "fentanyl overdose". Tim Pool laughed off the Allen, Texas shooter who was a big fan of his content. He called the shooting a result of "multiculturalism" an idea which he and the shooter could have bonded about over with a glass of whiskey on a warm summer night. He followed it up performatively saying he didn't want these things to happen. However, he didn't hesitate to use it to push his views further upon his audience. The shooter bore an SS tattoo, wore a patch of "RWDS" standing for Right Wing Death Squad, and had rants about Latino Children. Multiculturalism was his enemy and Tim Pool didn't hesitate to back him up. Curiously, Tim felt an odd need to claim the shooter couldn't actually be a Nazi. The label may be too sacred for them to waste on a clear optical nightmare.

This trend continues to this shooting today. Conservatives, no longer hesitating to claim the victim was innocent whilst intentionally downplaying the validity of the threat posed. Former Republican congressional candidate and white nationalist Laura Loomer leading the charge with a tweet calling the FBI the Gestapo. From her public positions and previous stances, it must be a rare moment for her to use "Gestapo" as a slur.

An adoring14.4K likes on a tweet (or x?) downplaying an ideation to kill the president shows the mood of the MAGA movement today. They didn't want Craig Robertson to fail. has turned into a cheerleader for violence. Its userbase frothing at the mouth for a "political win." If they would be willing to kill the president, they would be willing to kill both his voters, and anyone politically left of themselves. To them its all a representation of the same movement. Will the left prepare its defensive capabilities? Hopefully before its not too late.


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