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Republican Official Killed And Dismembered His Fiancée

Rachel Elizabeth Imani Buckner, aged 27, was found dead along the Bay Area shoreline. Her remains were discovered in a bag on July 20th but weren't identified until August 30th. Her head, hands, and feet had been removed to obfuscate the identity of her corpse. Her partner and killer, Joseph C. Roberts, had not reported his fiancée missing and had continued using her phone after her death to contact other women.

Joseph C. Roberts had made his name by running against the #MeToo movement, a movement dedicated to holding men responsible for rampant sexual violence against women in the workplace. He was known for defending men who claimed to be wrongfully accused of sexual harassment. It won't come as a shock that the murderer had a history of sexual violence with allegations against him from the Savannah State University in Georgia back in 2013. Robert managed to use his accusations to harness votes of disgruntled men who longed for a return to the status quo. He was elected to the San Francisco Republican Central Committee in 2020 on a wave of anti MeToo hysteria.

Should it be a surprise that the party which opposes the liberation of women harbors men who are willing to commit violence against them? The party whose leaders consist of Donald Trump who has been convicted in civil court of raping E. Jean Caroll? The party who lets Matt Gaetz, whose been investigated by the Department of Justice for sex trafficking a 17 year old girl, determine who gets to be Speaker of the House? If anything, this is a mere evolution of the values the party still currently promotes.

The slaying of Buckner, a 27 year old lawyer with a bright future ahead, is a direct result of a psychopath being empowered by an ideology which promotes systemic violence against women. Robert's predatory nature, displayed by using Buckner's phone to contact other women, shows an underlying lack of guilt and core belief that he wouldn't get caught. A staple amongst modern day Republicans.

At a certain point, being vocally against the #MeToo movement and a proud supporter of Donald Trump might be enough evidence to cast suspicion on an individuals intentions towards the well being of women. If you're in a relationship with an abuser (or a Republican), get out before its too late.


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