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Elon's Twitter Acquisition Has Been Under The Guidance Of A Trump White House White Nationalist

From an outsiders perspective, Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter has been a demonstrable failure. In March, Twitter had a 18.7% year-over-year drop off in traffic. X is now 25th in daily active users in the app store, below Telegram and Samsung Clock. Advertisers have been fleeing the platform as a response to far-right content and X has resorted to a subscription based model to attempt to gain some far away hope of profitability. But what if this was by design? Elon certainly seems capable of running a business to the ground, but new evidence suggests that Elon's motivations may be completely unconcerned with the profitability of his investment.

Thanks to the investigative journalism of The Chancery Daily, it has come to light that Elon Musk received a text message from an unknown sender urging him to read an article. The texts were received on April 24, 2020, 10 days after the billionaire decided to buy Twitter. The 3000 word article began as a declaration of war against the "Globalist American Empire." It described a series of steps and actions that Musk should take after acquiring the platform.

“Step 1: Blame the platform for its users;

Step 2: Coordinated pressure campaign;

Step 3: Exodus of the Blue checks;

Step 4: Deplatforming.”

The website is run by far right operative and former member of the Trump White House, Darren Beattie. Beattie was fired from the White House in 2018 for having spoken on a panel beside an open white nationalist. You can imagine where his sympathies lie.

The plan is specifically designed to make Twitter a far right platform and ensure a Trump victory in 2024. Beattie's thesis statement reads: “Free speech online is what enabled the Trump revolution in 2016. If the Internet had been as free in 2020 as it was four years before, Trump would have cruised to reelection.”

Step 1 States: "Blame the platform for its users." What this means in Beattie's plan is that Musk would begin by reinstating the accounts of white nationalists, transphobes, sexists, racists, and neo-Nazis. This would bring an increase in hate speech which results in media attention and outrage which places blame on Twitter for its userbase. Musk reinstated all of the accounts banned as a result of the January 6th insurrection including Marjorie Taylor-Greene and founder of Stormfront, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin.

Step 2: "Coordinated pressure campaigns." The courting of right wing personalities and hate speech on the platform would eventually draw action from the Anti-Defamation League and other non profit groups. This would generate public pressure put on Twitter to change its ways.

Step 3: "Exodus of Blue checks." Eventually, Twitter verified users known as blue checks would be driven off the platform by the mountains of vitriol and public pressure put on them. Musk scrapped the blue check system, making it intentionally worthless and devalued a blue check accounts worth. This has resulted in a decline in users and drops in advertisers and revenue. His mass firing of Twitter staffers at the beginning of his reign has decreased Twitters ability to monitor hate speech.

Step 4: "Deplatforming." This is the end goal. Deplatforming Twitter off the app store would be done as a natural culmination of the first three steps. Too much hate speech and stochastic terrorism would eventually have Twitter taken off the app store and made obsolete as a social media platform.

Beattie has the personal distaste for the ADL that only an aspiring Nazi could have. He blames the ADL for X's declining revenue on his website which corresponded with Musk posting his intentions to sue the ADL on September 4th of this year. What all of this means is that Musk is far more actively a surrogate of right wing opposition that previously thought. It means he has been radicalized further beyond his desire for continued wealth. He is willing to lose money to ensure his right wing world. His comments about birth rates, supporting of the far right AfD, platforming of Nazi's and transphobes is being done with purpose and intent. Billionaires are beyond just funders of the right wing movement. They're putting themselves in the drivers seat.


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