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Head of Far Right Terrorist Organization SACR Has Ammunition Ties With US Government

The U.S. Government doesn't negotiate with terrorists, but that doesn't mean they won't do business with them. The Society for American Civic Renewal (SACR) is continuing to grow under its founder and leader Charles Haywood. Haywood began his passion project with $45 million from his recently sold Shampoo company and decided to follow his dream of being a far right warlord. He wants to revive the "frontier conquering spirit of America" bringing to mind images of scalped heads, dead Mexicans, and slavery. He has been doing outreach to prospective soldiers, which he calls "shooters", to join his four lodges that reside in Idaho and Texas. His goal is to wait for the U.S. Government to collapse from economic unrest, political turmoil, or climate change and bring about a spiritual revival in which he will be the fascist dictator.

Beyond Haywood's fascist dreams, deep pockets, and stockpiling of weapons, are the men he recruits and the unfortunate positions they occupy. Nathaniel Fischer, a venture capitalist, is the president of Haywood's SACR Dallas lodge. The Guardian's investigators revealed that Fischer is partial owner of an ammunitions manufacturing company which has contracts with both the federal government as well as law enforcement across the country. Fischer has proclaimed himself the "venture fund for the American right" and is investing in explicitly right wing start ups. He is also the president, basically the grand wizard, of one of the SACR's centralized chapters and owns an ammunitions manufacturing company and which is likely making ammo for the SACR to stockpile.

The threat that Fischer's connections pose is indescribable in the hands of a paramilitary organization. If the SACR is filled with prominent and affluent members which do business with the government, the odds of them getting shutdown for antigovernment activity is incredibly low. This is reminiscent of the Business Plot where in 1934 a series of wealth and politically connected business owners, including Prescott Bush the father of future U.S. President George H.W. Bush, tried to build a rebel force of veterans who would stage a coup and overthrow Franklin D. Roosevelt and install a far right military dictatorship. As you might have guessed, the coup failed but the orchestrators of the coup were never punished due to their money and political ties. The Republicans have always wanted a far right dictator, they wanted one in 1934, they want one with Trump, and groups like the SACR will bide their time until the government collapses to get it done. It is the fundamental nature of the right. Men like Fischer and Haywood are the latest iteration of the business plotters. Rich men with military fantasies and the money to role play them.

Fischer's ties also show his connections to law enforcement. If there's one thing that far right organizations love to court its law enforcement. Many members of far right groups, militias, the KKK, and many white supremacist adjacent organizations are cops and FBI. For a group like the SACR, foot soldiers are necessary for war and police have the most transferrable skills to recruit. Police have experience as the violent arm of the state and would fit like a puzzle piece into Haywood's fascist government. This is a early tell since the SACR is still in their growth phase. Haywood has made statements about the kind of men he's looking for as foot soldiers. “At this moment I preside over what amounts to a extended, quite sizeable, compound, which when complete I like to say, accurately, will be impervious to anything but direct organized military attack”, adding that “it requires a group of men to make it work … what I call ‘shooters’ – say fifteen able-bodied, and adequately trained, men.”

Lastly, Fischer's ammunition company provides the SACR with an actual supply line beyond a mere stockpile of weaponry. During Islamic State's (ISIS) insurgency against the U.S. government, they required mortars, rockets, grenades, and general arms. ISIS needed an industrial base and cannibalized steel pipes and scraps to make raw material with their engineers and manufacturing arm. They had databases of weapons and ammunition they created, stockpiled, or bought from Iraq. SACR would, in theory, have the means of supplying an insurgency against the U.S. government, as is their stated plan. The good news is that Charles Haywood and Nathaniel Fischer are not military nor law enforcement. They have no basis for combat experience and even less for combat strategy. However, neither did Osama Bin Laden.


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