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Fascist Arrested For Terrorist Plot To Shoot Poll Workers

The rise of fascism cannot be without bloodshed. At least that's what history teaches. In the Weimar republic the bloodshed was done by former veterans from the first World War. Men with experience in violence and a chip on their shoulder. Today we see that even the most impotent men are willing to pick up a gun and try to kill for their MAGA movement. Frederick Francis Goltz of Lubbock, Texas pleaded guilty to "interstate threatening communications" in the form of advocating for a mass shooting of poll workers and threatening two Arizona officials and their children.

These threats have been ever present since Donald Trump's big lie of election theft has dominated the hearts and minds of his followers. Intimidation outside of polling stations and ballot boxes was the norm in many districts across America with fascists showing up in armed masked droves to stand menacingly holding automatic weapons intended for anti-Trump voters. Goltz threatened a lawyer in Maricopa County Attorney's office and a Maricopa County elections official on multiple far right social media platforms.

Maricopa County holds a special place of hatred in MAGA hearts due to Joe Biden winning by over 10,000 votes back in 2020, subsequently pushing him over the top for an Arizona win. Goltz posted the lawyer's name and a home address and telephone number on social media with the accompanying instruction: "It would be a shame if someone got to his children." He also responded to another post regarding a second Maricopa County official stating: "Someone needs to get these people AND their children. The children are the most important message to send." Think about that the next time Republicans talk about the LGBTQ being a threat to kids.

Goltz was on a role and kept the posts going. "He's got a WIFE that is a lawyer, too. We need to find out her name and where she works. I don't think he has kids, but I'm not 100% on that." Even members of his board thought this was a tad extreme stating replying that kids should be off limits. Goltz proudly doubled down stating: "NOTHING is off limits."

His posting was so egregious that he caught the attention of the FBI, an organization that only begrudgingly targets right-wingers. His crowning jewel post advocated for: "A mass shooting of poll workers and election officials" in precincts with results he disagreed with.


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