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Experts Predict 1 Billion Will Die, Conservatives Give Another $7 Trillion To Guarantee It

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

If someone set fire to your house would you pay the arsonist for their hard work getting you that insurance payout? No? What if they set fire to your planet? Conservatives and the businesses who control them are increasing their subsidies in the fossil fuels industry. Despite the claims of wanting to restrict climate change to 1.5 degrees Celsius or the misdirection of zero emissions by 2050, the money keeps rolling in for fossil fuels companies. Climate change is far from a flashing light signaling a coming stop, its now being felt all across the world in every continent. Oil, coal, and natural gas are costing the equivalent of 7.1 percent of global GDP. The subsidies are only increasing as time goes on, the only dip occurring in 2020 when the pandemic temporarily lowered emissions and discouraged driving. The Biden administration has attempted to eliminate oil and gas subsidies, however, the corporate Democrats and fascist Republicans guarantee no chance of reform making it through congress.

The government is an enabler. Not just the US government but all governments across the world. Many countries are petro-states. Glorified gas stations that exist to serve the interests of oil. Algeria, Cameroon, Chad, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela are all glorified oil companies. The United States, Norway, and Canada are also three of the world's largest oil producers with significant economic dependence on the industry. China is the largest burner of coal on the planet and India is one of the highest polluters per capita. Without oil, these countries would collapse under the capitalist economic system and slide into poverty. This creates an inevitability. The inevitability of unsustainable growth in a market of unrenewable resources combined with the race against time for these countries and businesses to squeeze every last dollar out of their precious oil until everyone is dead. The system is fundamentally stuck in one trajectory and locked in with the only chance of its dismantling, ironically, coming from the collapse it will bring upon itself. But even if that collapse leads to dismantling, experts conservatively guess that 1 billion people will likely die.

By 2100, the earth will increase in temperature by 2.7 degrees Celsius according to a report from the United Nations. At a 2 degrees Celsius increase, experts predict 1 billion people will die. The actual number will likely be much higher as experts still seek to give people hope rather than despair which is why the prediction of 2.7 degrees Celsius remains unseen in mainstream media. Experts from the University of Graz (Austria) published a study of 180 pieces of scientific literature using the 1000-ton rule. The rule states that approximately 1000 tons of CO2 released into the atmosphere is equivalent to one future premature death. When taken to its logical conclusion, this equates to approximately 1 billion dead.

One of the great problems in society is the shifting definition of murder. If a man shoots a woman in the street and she dies, that is the classical definition of murder. If a mother abandons her baby in a dumpster and the baby dies, that would fall under the colloquial per-view of murder. The definition changes when it comes to systemic issues. If the police wrongfully kill an individual in cold blood during a traffic stop it is largely considered murder by some but hotly debated by conservatives. However, if a lawmaker passes a law that raises the price of insulin by 400% and those who can't afford it die over the next year, that is not considered murder. It is an act that simultaneously affects more people than all of the previous acts combined but is considered so far removed from the act of murder itself that it flies under the radar as a banal evil of life. One definition of genocide in the Geneva Convention is "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part." Perhaps the lawmaker and businesses who raise those insulin prices should be considered genocidal. However, this callous disregard for human life appears to be societally acceptable in the context of generating profit and unacceptable if it only causes harm. Likewise, when the mechanisms of lawmakers and businesses that allow for the death of billions through their environmental degradation are examined, may their crime one day be treated as the genocide it truly is.


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