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Another Republican, Another Child Sex Trafficker

Politicians love power in all of its forms and vices. No wonder they seem to love molesting children, the weakest most vulnerable among us. It takes an especially sick and pathetic kind of individual to act on such predilections. Famously, Donald Trump has many sexual misconduct allegations but the often overlooked case was the Katie Johnson V Donald Trump and Jeffery Epstein a case in which Katie Johnson accused the pair of forcibly raping 12 and 13 year old girls at a sex party. We know Jeffery Epstein is guilty for certain based on his history but that allegation never caught up to Trump with the case being "voluntarily" withdrawn. The rich and powerful never fail to pull the stops.

Roy Moore, the Republican nominee for the Alabama U.S. Senate Special Election had three women between the ages of 14 and 22 accuse him of sexual misconduct. He only lost by 1.63% of the vote. There are plenty of politicians on both sides of the aisle that commit sexual misconduct. One could say that those who seek power are more likely to seek it in other forms as well. The fundamental difference is, Democrat pedophiles are forced by the voting public to resign. Republican pedophiles still get votes and support from their fascist base. Republican voters couldn't care less about Donald Trump's allegations. They didn't care about Roy Moore's. Republican Representative Matt Gaetz who has been accused of trafficking minors across state lines remains proudly in the House of Congress. So how will they brush off this latest one? Probably with an easy lack of conscience.

Well connected GOP donor Anton "Tony" Lazzaro has been found guilty of seven counts of "commercial sex acts" with five girls ages 15 and 16. The victims had much to say about his actions. “I still see him in my nightmares, in my panic attacks, in men in their thirties. … Putting Tony behind bars will save so many girls" One of the victims stated to the press. The mother of a different victim addressed Lazzaro saying: “The damage you caused my daughter, mentally and emotionally, you didn’t just cause that damage to her. You caused it to me and my family and all these victims and all of their families,” she said. “You stand up here and you don’t even care. You’re justifying your actions. … I hope you rot in hell.”

Lazzaro, like most psychopaths, refuses to admit to any form of guilt. He claims the charges against him were politically motivated and has denied all claims from the girls. He brazenly admitted to serenading teenagers with gifts but fails to see how that could entail grooming behavior. “I take a lot of offense to the government and court’s notion that I perjured myself in this trial. ... Grooming behavior is the word you used,” he said. “If that’s the case, then I suppose anyone who gives someone a gift, whether it be a cheap gift or a million dollars, is grooming their companion for sex. OK? If that’s the standard that we’re going to apply, then I don’t know how there’s any standard to apply.” Most strangers don't buy any form of gift for teenagers they aren't related to but your average pedophiles can't quite grasp that.

Lazzaro enlisted the help of the head of the College Republicans at the University of St Thomas. Gisela Castro Medina, his co-defendant has plead guilty to two counts. Medina was paid to recruit minors who were white, small, vulnerable, or broken. He sent cars to take the girls to his luxury penthouse condo at the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis.

Lazzaro's social media accounts picture him with prominent Republicans such as former President Donald Trump and former VP Mike Pence. He raised $270,000 for Republican Campaigns over the years. With that level of loyalty, it is not unlikely that Donald Trump would pardon him if he reaches a second term as president.


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