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A Conservative Vision For American Cities

On August 8th one of the deadliest wildfires in American history ripped through Maui destroying 2207 structures, and burning through 2170 acres of forestry. The current death toll is 93 but there are number of people missing is estimated to be as high as 1000. This toll of destruction has surpassed the Paradise Camp wildfire in 2018 which killed 85 in California. Each massive wildfire occurring within the last 5 years.

It seems wildfires have been in the news for a while now. In Canada, wildfires have been raging across Ontario blowing palpable smoke down towards New York City. Residents from Toronto to NY would wake up to smoke filled skies and cough on their daily commutes with their lungs filling with smoke residuals. Asthmatics felt the pinch the most with exposure to micro particles and irritation blowing directly into their lungs and sinuses. California is no stranger to wildfires with an astounding 4123 wildfires in 2023 alone and 4795 wildfires in 2022. California's dry desert climate already lends itself to wildfires but the moisture and high humidity of Hawaii or the more temperate climates of Ontario do not.

The rising global temperature due to CO2 trapped in the atmosphere from industrial scale fossil fuels burning has caused previously more temperature or moist climates to dry out according to Ryan Ness the director at the Canadian Climate Institute. Dry weather and a little lightning striking the right leaf can result in the destruction we're seeing now in Maui. Both Hawaii and Canada are experiencing their worst wildfire seasons of the 21st century and things are expected to get worse as we close in on 2050.

What happens when larger cities begin burning down? When there are 10,000 missing and 1000 dead? Continue as normal? That seems to be the plan. Ironically the same plan by both the informed and the uninformed. How quickly we adapt to the new normal as long as it builds gradually. Year-over-year not da-by-day. The slow changes of Democratic bills that address the issue will not be able to keep up at the pace things change. At this point, nothing will. But we can definitely make things worse.

The Republican plan in 2024 is simple. They promise to burn down American cities and impoverish their people. By the end of their term, cities across the US in scorching climates from Texas to Florida. From Arizona to Nevada. They will all be on the trajectory to complete desolation. Absolute destruction in the purifying flame of mother nature. The Republican Project 2025 environmental plan is the conservative establishments death knell for Americans. They want to put in the pot and let it boil. They're going to gut the Inflation Reduction Act which offers $370 billion for wind, solar, nuclear, green hydrogen, and electric vehicle technology with large new investments taking place in Republican run states. They're going to shut down the Department of Energy loan of $400 million to help any emerging new green technologies. Their oil donors can't afford competition. Not when they're trying to end the world. They will strike climate change as an issue of discussion on the National Security Council which rightly views the effects of climate change as a threat to national security. And finally, with absolute remorselessness reverse the 2009 scientific finding from the Environmental Protection Agency which states carbon dioxide emissions are a danger to public health. This of course will happen as they open up drilling in the Arctic wilderness. These are their stated goals in the Project 2025 environmental plan. This is the Republican dream.

These policies are the difference between a species reduction and a species extinction.

Maui, Hawaii August 9th


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